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Kubota Excavator

Providing you the best range of kubota excavator, kubota 5 ton class excavator, kubota u30-6 excavator and mini excavator kubota 3 ton class machine with effective & timely delivery.
Kubota Excavator

Kubota Excavator

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Ground Clearance11.3 inch (287 mm)
Bucket Rotation181.2 Degree
Displacement1123 cc
Alternator40 A
Overall Width53.7 inch (1365 mm)
Weight374 kg
Loading Height1963 mm
Loading Reach1324 mm
Kubota mini excavator is widely used in various construction fields such as road, municipal work, pipe networks, gardening and water conservancy combining with the use of multiple attachments. You may carry out operations at ease under various special conditions and construction environments. The real world-class Kubota mini excavators is ready to take any challenge.

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Kubota 5 Ton Class Excavator

Kubota 5 Ton Class Excavator

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Kubota 5 Ton Class Excavator

Deluxe Suspension Seat:
  • Designed and engineered to fit better and to keep you working longer comfortably, Kubota's high-back suspension seat reduces strain and minimizes operator fatigue. It reclines to accommodate your individual posture, and offers weight compensation, firm arm rests and retractable seat belts.

2-speed Travel Switch:
  • By placing the 2-speed travel switch on the dozer lever, dozing operations can be done faster and easier.

Wrist Rest:
  • Thoughtfully designed arm rests enhance operation and reduce operator fatigue.

Cup Holder:
  • With the convenience of a bigger cup holder, you can quench your thirst and work longer without leaving the cab.

Air Conditioning:
  • The overall air circulation in the cab has been improved, thanks to a stronger cooling/heating unit and the positioning of six vents around the operator to offer better all-round comfort.

Easy-open Front Slide Window:
  • Unlike many excavator windows, the front glass window of the U55-4 opens with ease. Just flip the latches on the window sides and slide it up. A gas-assist mechanism makes this action almost effortless.

Wider Entrance:
  • The U55-4 features a much wider door and more ample foot space, making it a breeze to get on and off the excavator.

  • All-round visibility is greatly enhanced with the well-positioned side and rear view mirrors

  • The Two-Pattern Selection System positioned under the seat allows the operator to shift control styles conveniently while seated. A simple turn of a switch is all it takes to select between the ISO pattern and the SAE backhoe pattern.

Float Position:
  • The float function is a standard feature on the U55-4*.Ground finishing work can be completed quickly and simply without the need to adjust the dozer height. After backfilling, simply travel backwards along the covered ditch with the dozer in the float position.

Generous Approach Angle:
  • The angle blade boasts an approach angle of 28 Degree, allowing the U55-4 to climb over obstacles with ease.

Hydraulic Dozer Control Lever:
  • A hydraulic-type dozer control lever provides smooth and easy operation.

Easy Operation:
  • Angle blade operation has been enhanced for easier control. Up, down and float movements are made with a single lever, while left and right angle positioning is made by the rocker switch on top of the lever.

Tight Spots:
  • The angle blade lets you work efficiently in confined spaces, alongside walls, and near busy roads. No wider than the tracks, it's also easy to transport between jobs

Tool Box:
  • A large tool box is positioned within the side hood so necessary tools for small checkups are always within easy reach.

  • When refuelling, simply press the refuelling signal button to monitor the progress. The beeping signal accelerates as the fuel approaches full and thus avoiding spillage.

Steel Panels:
  • The U55-4 features long-lasting side panels that open easily for quick inspection and routine maintenance. The panels are located inside the counterweight edge for protection and durability.

Pre Cleaner:
  • The built-in pre cleaner will help protect the engine during extremely dirty or dusty operations.

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Kubota U30-6 Excavator

Kubota U30-6 Excavator

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We are specialized in offering the superior quality Kubota U30-6 Excavator to our valuable clients.

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Mini Excavator Kubota 3 Ton Class Machine

Mini Excavator Kubota 3 Ton Class Machine

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Mini Excavator Kubota 3 Ton Class Machine

Established in 1890, Kubota - taking full advantage of its forward-looking management policies and by incorporating unique R&D activities - has made constant efforts to remain on the leading-edge of development and innovation.Kubota launched its 1st mini excavator model in 1974, since then it has had 40 years' experience of construction machinery business.



Zero-tail Swing. Boom Swing

It can realize "Digging along the wall " in combination with "swing structure"

Good for job in narrow area (example, beside the road, in house area, in plantation)

High visibility

Conquering the international market, Kubota mini excavator combining the zero-tail and boom swing features.

During the historic development of mini excavator market of over 30 years, the two basic conceptions, boom swing and zero-tail swing, revealed the importance for the first time in 1980s to comply with the global need of diversified construction sites. During the late 1990s, Kubota took the lead by launching its international standard mini excavator integrating both features for global market.

Boom Swing

The boom swing realizes direct digging operation close to the house edge without put the machine in motion. Combined with zero-tail swing structure, the machine is very suitable for operations in tight places.

The Kubota mini excavator adopts zero-tail swing structure. When the machine is swiveling, the tail always remains within the track width. It realizes the worry-free operation in tight places.
Auto Idling System

Save up to 10 per cent of fuel with Kubota's Auto idle. When the control levers are in neutral for more than 4 seconds, the engine RPM automatically idles. Move any control lever and the engine RPM immediately returns. This innovative feature reduces noise and exhaust emissions while reducing operating costs. Even in urban area and during nighttime, you may carry out operations at ease.

Smooth, Quick and Powerful Operation

Relying on its highly productive, ultra-maneuverable, cost-efficient, and environment-friendliness, the new hydraulic system is ready to perform efficient and powerful operation.

NEW-H.M.S Hydraulic System

Kubota adopts "3 pump system," using three independent pumps for boom, arm, and swivel, to make the co-operation of bucket, boom, and swivel, smooth and efficient. It mounts high capacity control valve and hydraulic variable pumps to realize superb shoveling and loading performance.

Smooth Operation

Thanks to the superb matching performance of each front attachment, realizes efficient and smooth operations.

Travel on the Straight

The machine can travel straight even when the front attachment is operating

Four Simultaneous Operations

Bucket, boom, arm, and swing, can be operated simultaneously and smoothly.

Powerful Jack-up Performance

Even under idling condition, the machine can be jacked up with the bucket or blade.

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